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October 27, 2014

Winter breeze

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 Can you believe how cold it is at the end of October??
 I was still hoping a few days ago that it will pass and sunny and warm days will appear once more, but when I learned that it snowed in certains parts of Romania, I thought "oh no...not a 5 month Winter!" The temperatures dropped considerably and one must adapt to the weather conditions (I still refuse to wear boots though). 
You can feel the cold Winter air piercing your lungs in every hour of the day and even though now it's sunny, I pray it won't snow any time soon here because really... I am not prepared for Winter yet. For now, hats will keep my head warm, fluffy cardigans and capes will cover me up nicely and soft scarves will help me pass the cold.

Are you ready for an early Winter?

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 Wearing: thrifted hat and shirt, Sheinside cardigan, New Yorker jeans, shoes, thrifted Primark bag, vintage scarf, Stradivarius sweater.


October 23, 2014

Marzipan Doll


 I finally received my new skirt from Sheinside! I was so excited about it and couldn't wait to see it in my hands. Even though it pretty much seems appropiate to wear it in Spring, I actually think it goes for all seasons, so I paired it up with the sweater I got last year from the same brand and it felt like a perfect match!
 After I looked at the photos, the first thing that came to my mind was something sweet. Something like marshmallows or marzipan figurines - it's natural that a sweet addict would think that. 
So, I was twirling around like that in a very gloomy weather while people were staring and I couldn't care less. The confidence that certain clothes can give you is magical.
This skirt entered in my top 5 skirt list - yes I have lists like that..

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Wearing: Sheinside sweater, Sheinside skirt, Deichmann shoes, H&M tights and golden rings, Meli Melo rose ring, vintage earrings.


October 19, 2014

Vintage Saturdays

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 While everybody around me on the streets was wearing jeans, light boots, grey/black/brown jackets and scarves in the same colors, I was like a snowdrop flower emerged from a long boring and hard winter. To me, it was a great weather to still wear dress shoes and colorful skirts even though a cold wind was blowing here and there, but one could feel the warm sun and the fresh air of Fall. 
 I tend to enjoy this season as much as I can, by even wearing pretty clothes and drinking hot delicious coffees in elegant interiors. That's how my Saturday was like.
 Don't deny the fact that every woman desires to feel like an aristocrat and you can make time to feel like a noble lady if you find the right places. I guess I was influenced by Kate Morton's "The house at Riverton" and wanted to recreate the book's mood a bit. 
Have you read it?

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vi9 1 Wearing: thrifted skirt and belt, ASOS shoes, Meli Melo rings, gifted earrings,H&M thrifted sweater.