July 19, 2016

Medieval romance

medieval romance

Welcome to my castle!

Right, I wish I could live in one, I bet it would be beyond fabulous, but since you and me do not have that luxury, we can only dream right?
And so I dreamt and to bring this little dream to life, I needed a pretty dress and a very old citadel. Lucky for me, we have one here in my hometown and look at how perfectly it goes with this amazing, romantic and sort of medieval looking dress!

I really felt like a princess among all the tourists, and even though I broke one of my shoes and a heavy storm was coming (as you can see from the dark blue background) I had fun taking these photos!

You can find the dress at Zaful and you can be a princess in a modern age too!

medieval romance6 medieval romance7 medieval romance4 medieval romance3 medieval romance9 medieval romance8 medieval romance5 medieval romance2

Wearing: Zaful dress, no name shoes, vintage earrings

July 16, 2016

Romantic retro look with Zaful

zaful rose dress 

 I hope you are having a great weekend so far! I started out editing these photos and it only took a few hours and one bad Internet connection later to post this article, in a way it took forever. But I am hoping you love the result! 
I got this beautiful organza dress form Zaful recently, I just thought it was perfect for my style and perfectly wearable during the daytime, it also has a retro feeling to it which I love. I wanted to make photos in a special place and this lovely medieval looking building was perfect for my background. It's one of my hometown's museums and the lady there was nice enough to let us use the garden for my photos.
  zaful rose dress7 zaful rose dress3 zaful rose dress8 zaful rose dress2 zaful rose dress4 zaful rose dress5 zaful rose dress9 zaful rose dress6

Wearing: Zaful dress, MiniPrix.ro shoes, vintage earrings

July 10, 2016

Chiffon and leather

chiffon and leather3 

 Long time no see! I've been busy travelling back to my hometown, visiting my relatives and dealing with the strange weather that made me feel so uninspired and quite lazy.
 Hopefully I will be back with new ideas, for now I am showing you the outfit I wore yesterday in the evening while walking around the empty streets. There was a time when mixing leather and light fabrics, such as chiffon or silk, was a "wow!" or a big "no-no" depending on each individual. 
For me, it was a big "yes!" and I wear this combo even now. I just love the contrast and you know, it's one of those contrasts that feels good and looks even better!
 What do you think?

  chiffon and leather2chiffon and leather6 chiffon and leather chiffon and leather5 chiffon peplum top

Wearing: thrifted leather skirt, H&M top, MiniPrix.ro shoes, necklace from HERE